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UAH CaliforniaFest 2021

The 2020 California Fest United by Song was a collaboration with Ethno FM Radio. UAH hopes to continue to do this annually and is grateful to all of the talented participants. There were over 100 submissions and many other guest participants. Thank you to all that made this event possible, especially UAH's Cultural Director Natalia Bagmut. 



Ukrainian-American Networking Banquet was hosted by UA House, Ukraine Relief, Ukrainian Heritage Club, Consulate General of Ukraine, Ukrainian Federal Credit Union, Spring Life Church, and Dezaro Marketing. The event was attended by government officials, military personnel, and members of the business community. The event was a success and we look forward to collaborating with these organizations in the future. 

The Ukrainian Fair has been a collaboration between many individuals and organizations. This event is a huge success with over 10,000 participants attending. UAH has been a part of the Ukrainian Fair for four year and after the COVID pandemic we will continue to host the fair for the community. 

For more information about past events or how to join future events please email us!