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Okhmatdyt Hospital: Urgent Relief by UA House

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Project need $50,000

Okhmatdyt hospital, Ukraine's largest children's medical center, was struck by a Russian missile attack on Monday, July 8, 2024. According to Kyiv city officials, two adults were killed in the Okhmatdyt Hospital attack. The strikes on the city also resulted in the deaths of 20 people and injuries to 82 others. Two children were among those who lost their lives, more were feared trapped under the debris.

Your donation will be income to the “Ukrainian American House” that has registered 501(с) 3 non-profit organisation. No administration fee. 100% of fund goes to the project.

Okhmatdyt hospital has long been a cornerstone of medical care for some of the country's most vulnerable children. Established in 1894, Okhmatdyt has a storied history of saving lives, performing over 10,000 surgeries annually during peacetime with 720 hospital beds serving more than 20,000 patients yearly.

Before russian full-scale invasion, Okhmatdyt was renowned as Ukraine's leading medical institution, providing specialized care across 80 departments for conditions ranging from oncology to rare genetic diseases like SMA, and pioneering procedures such as bone marrow and organ transplants.

In solidarity with our partners at Okhmatdyt, we are actively exploring ways to provide support during this challenging period. Our thoughts are with the courageous healthcare professionals and staff who continue to work tirelessly amidst the chaos and devastation.

Please consider donating to support Okhmatdyt and its critical mission. In times like these, unity and support are more important than ever.

Please note: 100% of your donation goes to Okmatdyt Children’s Hospital fund.

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