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Russians blew up a hydroelectric dam in Nova Kakhovka

9 June 2023

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in southern Ukraine by Russia's blowing up of a major hydroelectric dam on the Dnipro River in Nova Kakhovka near Kherson city. As a result, farms, roads, and numerous settlements within a radius of dozens of miles have been flooded. The rescue services of Ukraine evacuated about 17,000 civilians from their own territory, but approximately 25,000 civilians would also need to be evacuated from the Russian-occupied territories. The local mayor reported that the zoo, theater, kindergarten, and plaza were all underwater, as well as the home gardens of village farmers. This disaster is being called the most ecologically destructive in several decades.
President Zelenskyy has stated the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP by the Russians increases the threat of a nuclear disaster because the destroyed dam was crucial not only as a water resource for the local population and Crimea but also as part of the cooling mechanism for the nearby nuclear power plant.
The work of saving civilian lives is ongoing.
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