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Napa Valley Stands with Ukraine - 2nd Annual Fundraiser Event

18 December 2023
Celebrating the New Year & Supporting Ukrainian Refugees Napa Valley, CA - December 2023 - Napa Valley to Ukraine (, in collaboration with Ukrainian American House ( and the Town of Yountville, is proud to announce its Second Annual Fundraiser, Napa Valley Stands with Ukraine. Tickets are on sale now for this Saturday, January 13, 2024, 1:00 -4:00 pm event at Yountville Community Hall. Proceeds will support Ukrainian refugees in our communities. This Ukrainian New Year's celebration will provide an immersive cultural experience with live Ukrainian music, holiday traditions, and a showcase of Ukrainian vendors. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of Napa Valley's finest wines paired with Ukrainian and local cuisine and hear firsthand from Ukrainian leaders and Napa Valley’s refugees helping to organize this event. A live auction will feature one-of-kind items from Ukraine. “Ukrainian people have suffered tremendously within the last two years, Millions have lost their homes, thousands have lost their lives. There is not a single Ukrainian family that I know that has not been impacted by the Russian aggression against Ukraine. I am forever grateful to American citizens supporting Ukraine and who have welcomed Ukrainian refugees to their homes and communities,” said Roman Shermata, Chairman of Ukrainian American House. “Funds raised on January 13 will support our monthly community dinners in 2024 organized by and for Ukrainian refugees in Napa County. Funds will also support microloans to help these families to afford cars and housing of their own,” states Debbie Alter-Starr LCSW, Co-Founder of Napa Valley to Ukraine. “Ukrainian American House has meanwhile become an essential partner in helping our refugees, many of whom arrive speaking little to no English. We are also raising funds to continue and expand their peer support and mental health programs which serve our refugees in their native languages, in person, over the phone and online.” Kate T. a refugee whose family fled Mariupol, Ukraine and now lives in Napa explains, “Americans are kind and helpful but they don’t know specific aspects of our culture, how we talk to each other and what makes us feel comfortable. It’s important for Ukainians to meet and gather. Our community is over 40 people and is growing. As people who went through trauma, being far from home we need to feel secure and also to be independent.” “The 2nd annual Napa Valley Stands with Ukraine event is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Ukrainian people and their traditions” according to Margie Mohler, Mayor of the Town of Yountville. “ We look forward to seeing you again this year at our community center to celebrate the New Year and support our refugees.” Advance tickets are $30 per person on ( or $40 at the door and include a glass of wine, champagne toast, and appetizers. For further details, please contact ( ( About Napa Valley to Ukraine and Ukrainian American House: Napa Valley to Ukraine, ( (NVTU) is a volunteer group of residents and Ukrainian immigrants based in Yountville and Napa that raises funds for and advocates for Ukraine support. Since 2023, we have increasingly focused on assisting Ukrainian refugees, to increase their social support and community connection and to help them achieve their goals of independence. Donations to NVTU are tax deductible through our fiscal agent, Ukrainian American House. Ukrainian American House ( is a Sacramento Area-based non-profit committed to being an effective platform for bilateral cooperation in the humanitarian, economic, cultural, educational, social, and political spheres between Ukraine and the United States. We are committed to supporting Ukrainian refugees in the U.S., delivering humanitarian aid in Ukraine and raising awareness and advocacy for Ukraine.



Ukrainian Delegation to Visit California with the Goal to Raise Support and Awareness About Russia’s Ongoing Aggression Against Ukraine

28 November 2023
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sacramento, California (November 28, 2023) - California is set to welcome esteemed members of the Ukrainian delegation on November 29th and 30th, representing a high-level initiative aimed at garnering support and raising awareness about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The visit, authorized by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, seeks to engage California's political, business, educational, and religious communities in solidarity with Ukraine, while highlighting the unjustified full-scale invasion perpetrated by Russia. As part of this crucial engagement, SOL Church, in partnership with Ukrainian American House and the Consulate General of Ukraine, will host a public event on Thursday, November 30, starting at 6 pm, providing an opportunity for the Californian community to meet and hear directly from the esteemed members of the delegation. The group of distinguished guests set to attend include: Iryna Vereshchuk – Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Reintegration and Occupied Territories of Ukraine (subject to confirmation) Oleksandr Kovalchuk - Member of Parliament Maria Mezentseva - Member of Parliament Olena Khomenko – Member of Parliament Dmytro Kushneruk - Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco Igor Bandura - Vice President of the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christian-Baptists Ivan Matkovskyi – A child, kidnapped by Russians and subsequently returned by Ukraine Maxym Boiko – A child, kidnapped by Russians and subsequently returned by Ukraine Anton Bilai Volodymyr Dobrianskyi – A farmer from the Kherson region who has suffered from the war The delegation will embark on this visit to foster support and understanding about Ukraine's situation, shedding light on the continued aggression from Russia. Individuals are encouraged to stay updated on the latest developments during this visit and are welcome to reach out for additional information. For further details or media inquiries regarding this visit or to RSVP, please contact Caroleana Kvaterchuk Allison at About Ukrainian American House (UA House): Ukrainian American House is an organization committed to providing an effective platform for Ukrainian-American cooperation in the humanitarian, economic, cultural, educational, social, and political spheres, including: promoting awareness and education about Ukraine in the U.S., ensuring the ongoing delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, supporting Ukrainian refugees in the United States, and strategically planning for the economic recovery of Ukraine post-war. For more information about our relief efforts, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.



Roman Sheremeta Assumes the Role as Chairman of the Ukrainian American House

24 November 2023
Sacramento, California, Kyiv, Ukraine, November 22, 2023 – The Ukrainian American House (UA House) is pleased to announce the appointment of Roman Sheremeta, Ph.D. as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective November 22, 2023. With this transition, Sheremeta steps into a pivotal role to lead and further the mission of the Ukrainian American House to provide a platform for Ukrainian-American cooperation and to serve the local and international communities. "Support for Ukraine remains critical as democracy itself is being attacked, so I am honored to assume the role of Chairman at the Ukrainian American House," said Roman Sheremeta. "I have seen the impact of the war firsthand. I have lived among injured civilians, have family members serving to defend Ukraine’s freedom and I have seen the ruined cities across Ukraine. But I have also been a part of the conversations to rebuild Ukraine. Ukrainians are brave and resilient people, but they need our help, ongoing humanitarian aid and investments. I look forward to working closely with the Ukrainian American House board, staff, and the community to advance our collective mission." Bringing a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to Ukraine, Sheremeta is poised to guide the Ukrainian American House through its next phase of growth and development. He is an internationally recognized economist, the Founding Rector of American University Kyiv and an associate professor at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Purdue. Over the last two years, Sheremeta has spearheaded UA House’s critical aid projects for Ukraine and supported with the strategic vision of the organization throughout the war. Sheremeta succeeds Vlad Skots, who served admirably, steering the organization with dedication and vision during his tenure. Under Sheremeta's leadership, the Ukrainian American House aims to expand its reach and impact through innovative programs, advocacy, and community collaborations to raise awareness and bring aid to Ukraine, as well as serve Ukrainian refugees who have resettled in California. His strategic vision will guide the organization in enhancing its offerings, furthering education initiatives, and strengthening ties within the Ukrainian-American community and beyond. The board and staff of the Ukrainian American House extend their warmest welcome to Roman Sheremeta and look forward to leveraging his expertise to advance the organization's mission. For media inquiries or more information, please contact: Olga Chala, About Ukrainian American House: UA House is an organization committed to providing an effective platform for Ukrainian-American cooperation in the humanitarian, economic, cultural, educational, social, and political spheres, including: promoting awareness and education about Ukraine in the U.S., ensuring the ongoing delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, supporting Ukrainian refugees in the United States, and strategically planning for the economic recovery of Ukraine post-war. For more information about our relief efforts, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Sacramento Independence Day 2023 Celebration

UA House hosted a Celebration of the 32nd Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence in Sacramento.

26 August 2023
August 25, 2023, Sacramento, California — Thousands gathered at California’s Capitol to celebrate Ukraine’s 32nd Independence Day in Sacramento. The event, organized by Ukrainian American House (UA House) and the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, brought together Ukrainians and Sacramento community supporters to honor Ukraine’s independence and express their solidarity in the face of ongoing challenges. The celebrations began with the “Ukrainian Community Leaders Forum” where U.S. officials, Ukrainian parliament members, and business and nonprofit leaders discussed how to join together and strengthen support for Ukraine. They collaborated on how to best support Ukraine on its way to freedom. UA House also partnered with the Protez Foundation to launch a fundraiser for the Independence Day celebration which aimed to support injured Ukrainian soldiers with their prosthetics surgery. Notably, Thomas Tighe, CEO of Direct Relief, announced a $500,000 donation to continue supporting the Protez Foundation. Following the leadership forum, the celebration began at the steps of the Capitol where additional speakers addressed the thousands of Ukrainian and Sacramento residents that gathered. Among them was Dmytro Kushneruk, Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco; Major General Matthew P. Beevers, Inspector General; Morgan Williams, President and CEO of the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC); Kevin McCarthy, Member of the Legislative Assembly; Halyna Yanchenko, People's Deputy of Ukraine. Remarks from our honorable guests "It’s my honor to mention that yesterday we celebrated 32 years of restoration of our statehood because Ukraine has a thousand-year history. In these 32 years of renewed Ukrainian independence, we built our democracy and protected it from any attempt to violate essential principles. It wasn’t a perfect democracy by any means, but it was ours. Our Ukrainian democracy. So, the Russian attack on us was not just a simple grab of land but this is a violation of world order. And we Ukrainians, we went to fight not just for our land and our national interest but we went to fight for democracy itself. And only thanks to the bravery and courage of Ukrainian soldiers who sacrificed their lives can we stand here today and say with confidence that Ukraine will exist forever. And our soldiers, they are really true heroes who fought for our independence when the Russian army committed numerous war crimes,”  said Dmytro Kushneruk, Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco and member of the Advisory Board UA House. "My message tonight is for the people of California and the people of America. It is incredibly important that you remember and realize that this war is not going on for 18 months. It’s gone on for nine long years. Ukrainians absolutely need our support, and we drive an immense value from delivering that support. Another thing it’s important to remember, and American people often forget, is that the government in Moscow is not a government. Mr. Putin’s government, per se, is an organized criminal enterprise masquerading as a government. That invaded the Ukrainian country unjustly and illegally. And that must not stand,” Major General Matthew P. Beavers said. "I want to say that we have over 400 or 500 companies investing in Ukraine. They have been investing for over 30 years. The U.S. business community has created millions of jobs in Ukraine. During the Orange Revolution, the business community did not leave. During the revolution of dictators, the U.S. business community did not leave. And now, when Putin invaded, the US business community is not leaving. The U.S. business community stands with Ukraine. The first thing they did was donate hundreds of millions of dollars for humanitarian purposes. Secondly, they protected the thousands and thousands of employees that they have in Ukraine. They protected their families, and they have done everything to keep their business going. As you know, we need jobs in Ukraine. We need payrolls in Ukraine. And we’re going to have an amazing job to build Ukraine after we throw out Putin,” said Morgan Williams. “When you go home today or tomorrow morning, please write a message or give a call to your representative, senator, and governor. And ask them to provide more military support to Ukraine. Be specific - name the ammunition, like F16s. We really need to move it. And look around. We have so many people in this place, and imagine if each and everyone would go home and write a letter or give a call to politicians in the U.S. And that’s how we can make Victory Day come closer,” Halyna Yanchenko said. Experiencing the impacts of the war through real-life artifacts As part of the evening’s celebration, an exhibition of war photos and artifacts was also displayed across the Capitol street. The exhibit’s creator is Alina Tyulyu, an Ukrainian American who arrived in Ukraine during the first days of the war to help the victims. One day turned into a year, and she spent her time traveling around Ukraine to capture the indomitable spirit of ordinary people who bravely resisted the aggressor by defending their land. In addition, she brought a number of military artifacts which immersed the visitors in the realities of wartime in Ukraine. Everything that was presented at the exhibition was real-life artifacts she collected during her time traveling the country and capturing the impacts of the war. The goal of her exhibit is to show people the realities of the war in Ukraine. Some of the artifacts even smelled like the war or had ashes and tears in it, transporting people to the on-the-ground realities of the conflict. Ukrainian musicians created an authentic vibe A festive concert in the very center of Sacramento provided a unique opportunity for attendees to experience Ukrainian culture through thrilling performances by artists like Eurovision finalist Alyosha, Voice of the Country finalist Vyacheslav Rybikov, and the dynamic Bangladesh Orchestra. Ukrainian heroes share their journey Additionally, the Protez Foundation joined the event and hosted two Ukrainian soldiers who were visiting the U.S. for their prosthetics and rehabilitation treatments. They gave remarks to the audience, sharing their experiences in the military and once again demonstrating their indomitable spirit. Both of the soldiers lost their limbs during military operations, but they received a second chance for a full life through prosthetics, which they received in the United States thanks to the PROTEZ Foundation. That is why UA House, during the event, fundraised to help such soldiers. The funds will be used to cover the costs directly related to the prosthetics of the US military, as well as the various financial needs that arise during the trip, such as visa fees, flights, accommodation, important psychological support, and the important emotional recovery process. "I firmly believe that our unity at this event goes beyond shared ideals and emotions. We are bound together by a desire to demonstrate unwavering support for those who have sacrificed their well-being and personal destinies for the future of Ukraine. This very purpose deeply resonates with me, and I am truly thankful for every individual contribution made toward this meaningful endeavor," - Vlad Skots, Chairman of UA House, said. As always, these events included a moment of prayer dedicated to Ukraine. Local Sacramento church pastors gathered on stage to lead the attendees in prayer. Refugees experience the spirit of their homeland Over the past year and a half, thousands of Ukrainian families came to Sacramento under the Uniting For Ukraine program. All of them were separated from their own homes and culture due to the war. And they continue to experience the distress of being displaced and are often overcome with stress. Three of our partner refugee resettlement agencies joined the event to distribute their resources and connect with refugees who might need support with accessing publicly available funding. But even more so, this celebration of Independence Day was an opportunity for Ukrainian refugees to hear their native language, feel the spirit of their native country, and make new friends with our Sacramento brothers and sisters who have made us all feel so welcomed. Cultural events like these are a critical part of UA House’s mission. We will continue to do our best to host cultural events, educate the public about Ukrainian’s needs during the war and advocate for support. We thank our generous sponsors for helping make this event happy. Your support is critical in providing hope, positivity, and unity during this difficult time.


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