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Building Hope,
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November 28th, 2023




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Helping Refugees Resettle

Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified full-scale invasion of Ukraine has forced more than 6 million Ukrainians to leave behind their livelihoods and communities, seeking safety and shelter in unfamiliar places. In the face of this ongoing humanitarian crisis, we are committed to helping Ukrainian refugees navigate life in the U.S., learn English, find new jobs and stay safe and healthy during the winter months. Learn more about how your contribution will help make a difference.

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Deliver Humanitarian Aid in Impacted Areas

Due to the destruction of essential infrastructure in cities around Ukraine, millions continue to lack access to basic necessities. According to the United Nations, nearly 1 million Ukrainians are experiencing food shortages. Networks of volunteers on the ground are committed to delivering and distributing food packages, water and clothing to people living in de-occupied territories and hot spots. We are committed to providing support to these networks and to the citizens most impacted by the ongoing violence.

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Homecoming Mission for Ukrainian Children

Over the past year, Russian authorities have deliberately separated thousands of Ukrainian children from their families, forcibly relocating them from occupied territories and currently holding them in Russia illegally. Russia has implemented a specific policy where Russian families can adopt Ukrainian children as a way to facilitate this mass kidnapping.

To help bring Ukrainian children back home, Ukrainian American House has collaborated with the 'Save Ukraine' organization that conducts rescue missions and ensures the release of these children and facilitates their return to Ukrainian territory.

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