Issuance of a work permit (Employment Authorization Document EAD)Issuance of a work permit (Employment Authorization Document EAD)

Issuance of a work permit (Employment Authorization Document EAD)

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) allows you to work legally in the United States of America.

Obtaining a work permit in the United States begins with submitting an application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. If approved, you will be issued a plastic card with your data and expiration date. The document will be valid for one year.

Who is eligible for an EAD?

People wishing to obtain a work permit must have a personal social security number - Social Security number (SSN). This is an analogue of the Tax Identification Number in Ukraine. If you do not have such a number, then before submitting an application for a work permit, you must request an SSN. .

What categories of people have the right to receive it in 2022:

  • Refugees, as well as their close relatives.
  • Persons who have asylum in America.
  • People who have issued temporary refugee status.
  • Citizens who wish to apply for residency in America.
  • Representatives of some nations, for example, are citizens of the Marshall Islands.
  • Close relatives of persons working in US diplomatic institutions.
  • People who want to get a job in the USA.
  • Close relatives of American citizens who have the right to permanent residence there.

Citizens who arrived under the U4U program can fill out form I-765 both online ( ) and Send documents by mail (instructions at the previous link).

Citizens who received a humanitarian password at the foot border of Mexico have the opportunity to send documents only by mail.

Contact for details 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm Eastern.

Documents/Information you need for registration:

  • 2 photos for each person in the family (including children) - on the other side of each photo, sign the name and surname of the person depicted in the photo (in English)
  • Passport (copy)
  • I-94 Migration card (Parol)
  • Maiden name (if changed)
  • Name, surname and address of the person with whom you live (documents should be sent to her/his name and address)
  • Your place of birth (city, region, country)
  • Names and surnames of your parents (each) and mother's maiden name
  • Your phone number (must be a US number)
  • Your e-mail (which you verify)
  • If you have already received any assistance (medical, monetary, etc.) - copies of documents confirming the assistance.

for Employment Authorization, you can fill out both online and send documents by mail.

Those citizens who have an A-number have the right to fill in online. These are usually citizens who came under the U4U program. Note that completing the form online does not include the option to complete Form I-912, which may waive the $410 filing fee. Citizens who received a humanitarian password at the foot border of Mexico do not have the opportunity to fill out the form online but can only send documents by mail.

To complete the form online: 

To send documents by mail: download the form, print it and fill it out. See the website for shipping instructions.


I-765: Application for Employment Authorization

I-912: Fee Waiver is a form asking for free work authorization if you truly cannot afford to pay for the form I-765) BUT be prepared for the fact that you may receive a refusal and you will have to pay the full amount ($410) for each questionnaire. You may not submit this form and pay for Form I-765 immediately.

US State fees are mandatory and non-refundable:

USCIS fee for filing Form I-765: $410

You have the option of filling out the I-912 form, which can exempt you from paying the registration fee of $410.

USCIS Biometrics: $85

Usually, the application process takes 5-7 months.

The work permit is valid for 1 year. Applicants can apply up to 180 days before the current permit expires.

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