Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of the Association of Pop Artists of Ukraine, poet, composer, screenwriter, director, public figure, author and host of the art program "Time of Ukrainian Song" in Sacramento, CA.


Natalia Bagmut has published over 100 original songs and has played a vital role in promoting the arts in both Ukraine and the United States. 

She was born on February 27, 1961 in the village of Losynivka, Nizhyn district, Chernihiv Oblas’t, Ukraine. She has two children, Roman and Yana, and four grandchildren. 


Losynivska Secondary School and Losynivska Music School focusing on piano              1967 – 1977

High School Diploma


Chernivtsi State Pedagogical School at the Faculty of Music                                           1979 – 1982

Received - Diploma with Honors in the specialty of music teacher and educator


Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts                                                                                     1998 – 2003

Bachelor of Culturology with Honors

Diploma with honors - Specialist, Manager of the Leisure Industry, teacher organizer


National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine in Kyiv         2007 – 2010

Master of Public Administration


1982 - 1995       Musical Director of the Children's Preschool Institution "Firefly", Brovary.

1995 - 1998       Concertmaster of the Vocal Studio "House of Children and Youth Creativity", Brovary.

1998 - 2005       Director of the "House of Children and Youth Creativity", Brovary.

2005 - 2016       Head of the Department of Culture of Brovary City Council. Public Service.

2016 - 2020       Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department of the Independent Information                                       Company "Voice of Kyiv Region".

2016 - 2020        Adviser to the Brovary Mayor on Culture.

2016 - present   Founder and head of the art association -"Brovary Art Agency".

2019 - present   Author and host of the Art Program "Time of Ukrainian Song" on Ethno FM                                                     Radio in Sacramento, California.

Public Service   Deputy of Brovary City Council of 4th, 5th and 6th convocations.


  • Ukrainian American House, Cultural Award. Presented in March 2021 by Vladimir Skots, Chairman.

  • Ukrainian Federal Credit Union on the occasion of the birthday of the radio program TIME OF UKRAINIAN SONG. Presented in February 2021 by Mykhailo Tkach, Regional Branch Manager.

  • Received the honor of the Holy Great Martyr Barbara Order

  • Medal Defender of the Fatherland, Honorary Badge of Honor of the II degree, awarded by the Brovary District Council

  • Many other state awards - Diplomas, Certificates and Acknowledgments.


  1. Singing of the Anthem of Brovary "Brovary - the City of Freedom". Performed by five thousand children of different ages. The anthem of the city was performed on the main Freedom Square on the Day of Brovary. The children's choir was led by the author of the Anthem, Natalia Bagmut.

  2. Project of honoring the symbols of the city. Picture of the Emblem and Flag of the city of Brovary, a panel of balloons in the amount of - 50 thousand pieces.

  3. Parade of the history of the city of Brovary from its foundation to the present. A grand theatrical performance by 2,000 students of the city of Brovary.

  4. Parade of the history of Kyiv, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. A grand theatrical performance with the participation of 26 districts of Kyiv region. The parade lasted five hours and had five thousand participants.